Why Chinese TikTok (Douyin) SHOULD be in your marketing plan!

TikTok took the world by storm, so is it a platform you want your brand on? quite bluntly YES! I always say that "If you don't have a TikTok marketing plan then there is something wrong with your plan..."

The Chinese version of TikTok (Douyin) is set to have over 505 million active users in China by 2021. (Source: Statista.com)


  • Innovation: There are a large number of new generation users on DouYin (including the post-90s, the post-95s, the post-00s and even the post-10s generation). This group of people is becoming the main force of consumption now and for the coming years. This is also why many major brands are interested in this app. Douyin, in its user’s mind, represents youth, innovation, rebellion and the fact to be unique. The innovation should be on products, but also on the video’s making (the shooting technique).

  • Challenge: Many brands bring a challenge on Douyin to engage users and make their brand’s promotion widespread. In my opinion, the challenge has to be easy to realize in order to attract more users to imitate. It has to be short but surprising, in that way people will spend time to watch each challenger’s performance.

  • Trend: If you don’t have the idea to launch your own challenge, it doesn’t matter as you can participate in existing trends on Douyin. To catch the latest trends can also be a solution.

  • Time: generally speaking, it’s better to post your video on week-end, the morning, during the lunchtime or midnight to get better results. The video that is sent at ordinary times with no special creative idea, may not have a lot of views either reactions from other people.

  • KOL: Key Opinion Leaders are Chinese bloggers, influencers or web celebrities. Douyin also has its KOLs. When these people release a new video, it is more willing to be on Douyin’s main page.


First, you have to know how to use Douyin. The essence of the application is basically short videos, but many advertisers who do not really understand DouYin’s charm just broadcast their promotion video normally, add a couple of hashtags and that's it... this is wrong. The idea of advertising on Douyin is to create trends, think out of the box and stop thinking that people there NEED your product, instead think "How can my product fit into different trends".

How should you engage on Douyin?


Mai Dong is the brand of a sports vitamin drink which targets consumers aged 18-35, mainly living in urban cities.  The brand has its official account on Douyin, with now 2,2k followers and 2 videos broadcasted. The first one is its promotion video.

200 likes and 7 comments, which is not very engaging DouYin’s users. The second video presents a contest launched by the brand. The rule is to create a video, using the BGM provided by the brand and with the hashtag #StartYourSpectacle (#请开始你最嗨的表演). Mai Dong will reward the challenger with the highest number of likes an Ipad Air and the top 30 challengers a box of MaiDong’s new drink.

74614 people joined the challenge and the top challenger has now 63,5K likes with 352 shares.

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