Before you enter the Chinese market you will need to read this first!

Do’s and do-nots #KOL or no KOL??

Firstly your probably wondering… what is a KOL?

 Let me answer this in a couple of sentences…

KOL stands for “Key online influencer” 

  1. they are internet celebrities that have a decent size following 

My recent trip back home was an interesting one, I met with quite a few companies trying to enter the Chinese market and 

I learnt a lot from this trip. I also learnt that there are a lot of Aussy companies following Chinese digital agencies into the Chinese market, this is both a good and bad, #good - the Chinese agencies know and understand the rules and regulations of Chinese digital advertising so it helps to have them in your corner #bad - they use local methodologies to implement your campaign into the Chinese market, this works well for local (Chinese) products but Chinese consumers don’t want to see that when they are looking for “authentic” foreign style advertising.

What Aussy companies need to do is take control of their campaigns and not just use the old Aussy “no worries mate!” Attitude, I have been in China for almost a decade and I realised that unless you grow eyes ALL over your head then you won’t survive up here, because your just a another transaction for those agencies. 


  • USE A KOL (a seasoned KOL is more knowledgeable than any digital Chinese ad agency) 



  • GET RID OF BLIND TRUST (only works in Oz)


#Bad habits of Chinese agencies 

- If you give them $10,000 to hire a good KOL, they will most likely give $100 to the “just ok” KOL and then keep $9,900 for themselves HENCE why I am always so hesitant to work with them. 

They tell you whatever you want to hear NOT what you need to hear. 

#Bad habits of KOL’s they are not an agency so in most cases they are a one man team or even have an Assistant here or there so it’s difficult getting things done on a schedule or even in time! 

You have to find a balance between these two, by getting involved in the process of pumping out your ads and campaigns. 

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